Equity Investments

A Guide to Equity Investment and Equity Finance

Jan 9, 2015 |
Equity investment is a good way of getting involved into the business decision making process. As an owner, the equity investor has certain control over both operational and strategic issues ... Read more

What are the Factors that Can Affect your Equity Investing

Dec 27, 2014 |
When investors buy a company share from publicly-listed company, the process is called an equity investing. It implies that a section of the company is being owned by an investor. Most investors panic ... Read more

Get Advice About Equity Investments

Dec 27, 2014 |
There are quite a few investment opportunities for those who want to improve their finances. But these opportunities need to be carefully analyzed for any problems that could arise later. Whether you ... Read more

General Facts About And Advantages Of Private Equity Investment

Dec 27, 2014 |
Private equity investment is an investment in certain companies that are seen to have good potential growth for the future. Investors who put money into such companies do so with the intention of ... Read more

Equity Investments - The Knowhow

Dec 27, 2014 |
Equity, in layman's terms, means stocks or shares that stand for ownership in a firm or a organization. This makes equity investment the money that one invests in the firm's stocks. It is also known ... Read more

Finance Yorkshire

Apr 7, 2016 |
Fund supported by the UK government and the EU, providing seedcorn finance, business loans and equity-linked investments for businesses in Yorkshire and the Humber. ... Read more

Alpha Finance

Apr 7, 2016 |
Greek brokerage for finances, equities and stocks. ... Read more

International Finance Corporation

Apr 7, 2016 |
Private sector promotes investment in developing countries to help reduce poverty and provides loans, equity and structures finance. ... Read more

NewSmith Asset Management LLP

Apr 7, 2016 |
Offering corporate finance advice, investment management and structuring and investing in private equity. ... Read more

South Yorkshire Investment Fund

Apr 7, 2016 |
Provides seedcorn finance, business loans and equity-linked investments from £15,000 to £2.5 million for businesses in or relocating to South Yorkshire. ... Read more