Dictionary of Computer Abbreviations

May 21, 2016 |
Collection of computer abbreviations information compiled from various authoritative sources on the web. ... Read more

Hyperdictionary Computer Dictionary

Apr 7, 2016 |
Glossary of computer-related terms based on the FOLDOC dictionary by Denis Howe. ... Read more

Ecommerce Dictionary

Apr 7, 2016 |
Identifies and explains the typically used computer, ecommerce, web design, internet marketing, search engine optimization and Internet technology terms. ... Read more

Computer Dictionary

Apr 7, 2016 |
Comprehensive resource for computer technology, networking, and Internet terms and meanings. ... Read more

Technology Dictionary

Apr 7, 2016 |
A searchable dictionary of technology and computer related terms and acronyms. ... Read more

Computer Terms Glossary

Apr 7, 2016 |
Serves as a guide to the variety of computer jargons in common use - designed for the casual computer user. ... Read more Computer Dictionary

Apr 7, 2016 |
PC terminology guide searchable by word or viewable by alphabetical listing. ... Read more